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I miss six flags!! Really want to go back again before summer ends! I conquered the highest roller coaster drop and want to do it again!! #freakinglovethisride #zumanjaro #sixflagsgreatadventure



tiny little turn ons:

   - people leaning against walls with one shoulder while they talk

   - catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made

   - people who linger on a hug for just a second after you let go

   - somebody glancing at your lips while you’re talking

jesus CHRIST



Extra Storage
"The greatest gift you can give to someone is your Time. It’s like giving a portion of your life that you can never bring back."Taurus (via imtaurus)


Went a little overboard with the henna tonight. #dontregretathing #henna #temporarytattoos #yinandyang #sunandmoon #arrow
Home all day watching Disney movies on netflix!  #justwantsomealonetime
"Intelligence is sexy. Don’t play stupid."Unknow (via)



Having a pet is so weird. Like neither of you speak each other’s language and yet you form some strong bond by rubbing against each other and sleeping together and you might accidentally kick them in the face or step on their tail once in a while but at the end of the day you two are best buddies from entirely different species.



"He wants to go home."