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"One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one." (via thedailypozitive)


5 years ago I was in junior high and was introduced to the field of optometry by PCO representatives. From then on I strive my best to get into this dream school. And today I am happy to say that one of my dreams has came true! Got through orientation this week and classes starts next Monday! I can’t wait for what to come! #pco #salusuniversity #classof2018 #orientation #dreamschool #finallythere
"Maybe you just have to live for the small things, like being called pretty or someone picking up the pen you dropped or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Maybe that’s all that really matters at the end of the day."Tianna Kavanagh (via creatingaquietmind)



Good Vibes HERE
A moment of peace to let free of my thoughts. #nature #waterfall #pennypackpark #morningrun #summer

escaped NY for a mini outdoorsy vacation this past week. it was lovely